Recommended in the press: Edward Winkleman

In his comprehensive guide: ‘How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery, gallerist and art world blogger Edward Winkleman recommended Artsystems software as the program for success.

“What makes Artsystems software so popular is its excellent integration of management tasks such as recording the location and exhibitions or purchase histories of each work with your collector or museum contact records. It also automatically updates all related records when any change is made. Most helpful (and usually the feature homegrown systems cannot do anywhere near as well) is that it pulls data from inventory and contact records and automatically places it into invoices or reports, as well as its “Search Wizard” function that lets you search any field easily. Finally, Artsystems is designed to help automate the creation of documents for catalogues or catalogues raisonnés (emphasis ours).

As with maintaining mailing lists, the Artsystems software is designed to make maintaining your inventory more manageable. Keeping accurate records of each work’s provenance, condition, and insurance or real appraised values, as well as expenses associated with framing or shipping, etc., makes providing essential information and services to both artists and collectors easier. This in turn makes for much happier clients of both kinds. In addition, when it comes time for an artist’s catalogue raisonné to be compelled, such records will prove invaluable.”