Inside the Artsystems and Artsy Integration


A Conversation with Dustyn Kim, Artsy’s Chief Revenue Officer

The Artsystems and Artsy integration is here and we’re excited to share its possibilities with you. Artsystem5 clients can now share artwork directly from their art management database to Artsy’s online marketplace and its 1.9M global users. Fast, easy, and secure, this integration is an asset to gallery looking to grow sales and prioritize digital strategy without adding time or resources to their workflow.

To learn more about the integration from the Artsy perspective, we caught up with Dustyn Kim, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. She shared her thoughts on the Artsystems and Artsy integration, the benefits for Artsystem5 clients, and how digital transformations will continue to shape the art world.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Artsy.

As Chief Revenue Officer at Artsy, I oversee our Artsy Marketplace Partners business, which encompasses galleries, art fairs, auction houses and institutions.

Essentially, I am responsible for developing strategies to grow our marketplace, formulating operating plans and budgets, and leading teams across sales, partner relations, marketing, and operations.

Prior to Artsy, I held several leadership positions at content and technology organizations.


Let’s talk about the partnership between Artsy and Artsystems. Why are you excited about this new integration? What does this partnership mean for the future?

At Artsy, we’re working to massively expand the market by making it more welcoming, transparent, and free of friction to buy and sell art.

By partnering with Artsystems, we’re making it easier for our gallery partners to share their works with collectors on Artsy.

With the click of a button, Artsystem5 users can now share works from their art management database to Artsy. This means less time spent on administrative work for our gallery partners and more access to that gallery’s artists and artworks for our collectors.


Integrating art management databases, such as Artsystem5, with Artsy can provide significant benefits to their users. What are the key benefits in your opinion?

Understanding our consumers’ needs is at the forefront of our mission. We consistently hear that they want more artworks and to discover and purchase those works as easily as possible on Artsy.

This partnership with Artsystems meets both of those needs. By providing a simplified process for sharing artworks to Artsy, we’re streamlining galleries’ engagement with our audience of millions of collectors and art lovers.


Galleries today face unique challenges. How can integrations like this one help reduce obstacles and enhance their workflows?

Ultimately, integrations like this one will save galleries time uploading and editing works, both in Artsystem5 and Artsy. It becomes simpler and quicker than ever before to place fresh new works in our marketplace, thereby driving more sales.


Looking toward the future, which new trends and innovations do you see galleries embracing in the years to come?

Over the past couple of years, the digital transformations we’ve seen in the art world are accelerations of changes that were already underway and that Artsy was at the forefront of.

Rather than seeking a return to how things were before COVID-19, the market will thrive in proportion to its ability to embrace and adapt to changes that were already underway, but which undoubtedly gained momentum in 2020 and took hold in 2021.

Collectors have learned that in between the art fairs, and at any moment of the day, they can open their Artsy app (for iOS and Android) and participate in dozens of auctions or shop thousands of galleries. This year was a huge year for the digital world and next year will be an even bigger one!

Interested in integrating your Artsystem5 database with Artsy? It’s free for A5 users and only takes a few minutes. Our step-by-step instructions and tutorial video will guide you along the way.

If you need support or have questions, get in touch with the Artsystems team.