In the news: ‘Art Systems: on top of art management’

Art Media Agency (AMA):

Art Systems, a company specializing in management and software relating to works of art, appears to be going from strength to strength with the launching of a new version of their  ArtSystems Pro software.

The company has for several years been one of the major success stories in the competitive world of software solutions. The company, which has just 12 employees on the books, has some 2,000 clients. These include museums, galleries, curators, and experts, along with both private and public collections. Only extremely large institutions, which usually have their own internal systems, do not figure on ArtSystems’ register.

Art Systems follows several key principles, first amongst which is to concentrate solely on the art world. The company claims that, unlike its competitors, it will not leave clients high and dry by concentrating on more lucrative, non-art related projects. its employees are all from the art world, and have an average of 25 years of experience. The company is also diversifying its range through the introduction of ultra-specialized titles, such as Studio, a program dedicated to the management of an artist’s studio, including tools for the managing of the sale of works and the production of catalogues.

With the launch of a high quality iPad app and several updates planned for their software, ArtSystems is affirming itself as the number one software company for art management, with clients all over the anglophone world. But will it go on to become a hit in other countries, with regional language versions?