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Purchasing Artsystems Software and Services

Fax an order form (at left), call +1 (212) 620-5500 to order software, or email Artsystems Sales. For more information, please explore our Web site, submit our Information Request Form, or give us a call. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, business or personal checks on US banks, and bank wires are accepted ($1,500 minimum for wires). Competitive upgrade pricing is available for some products.

Unlike with competing packages, no continuing financial commitment beyond the original purchase is required to utilize Artsystems software.

Purchase includes free initial training and setup consultation, a searchable electronic User Guide,and free incremental updates within the purchased version** (not version upgrades). Additional training is available in regular online classes, online video tutorials, or may be scheduled privately online. Each computer running Artsystems software, whether installed or via a server, must be licensed. Please contact Artsystems Sales if you wish to see the Artsystems End-User License Agreement.

Artsystems Software
Software Package Primary

Artsystems Pro FOR Windows and Macintosh*
(Alternate pricing available: see Pro Pricing page for additional pricing optoins and other details)
$1,000 (2-10)
 750 (11+)

Studio Pro FOR Windows and Macintosh* 1,995 1,000 BUY

GalleryPro v2.8.2 for Windows** N/A  895 N/A

Collections v2.8.2 for Windows**   895  695 BUY

Studio v2.8.2 for Windows**  795  795 BUY

*Initial year Software Support Subscription required for Pro and StudioPro implementation (see below). Free incremental updates do not include update troubleshooting for customers without a Support Subscription, however, a separate troubleshooting incident may be purchased, if required. Note: Commercial galleries running StudioPro require a Primary license or a $1500 Secondary Location Primary license. Contact us for details.

**GalleryPro, Collections, and Studio implementation on Macintosh requires Intel-based Mac with Apple-recommended Parallels, VM Ware, Boot Camp, or Remote Desktop with Windows OS (add'l cost). Artsystems Pro is native on both Windows and Macintosh and cross platform for mixed networks. See Systems Requirements for details.

See Services Prices or WebManager Prices below for other pricing information.


 Artsystems Software Services

Software support

Free Software Support for Studio or Collections software is available for two months beyond the first customer initiated support contact or free private training. Artsystems also provides continuing Support on an annual subscription basis.

Software Support includes telephone and online technical assistance for Artsystems software (not others') upon request (Monday through Friday 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. New York City [Eastern] time) and by appointment.

Note: Software Support subscriptions do not include support of setting up or maintaining the Artsystems QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Generic Accounting Export Interfaces, for which the purchase of an Advanced Accounting Support Block is required (see 'Other Services and Procucts' below).

One-year Subscription —
Initial or Active Subscription Renewal
Pro / GalleryPro $660* 260**  
StudioPro 550 260  
Collections 330 220  
Studio 330 220  

one-year Subscription —
Expired Subscription Renewal***
Pro / GalleryPro $990 390  
StudioPro $825 390  
Collections 440 275  
Studio 440 275  

*$65/mo. payment option also available (1-year term)
**Support price for license number 2 to 20 ($25/mo. payment option available). Support price for each additional license over 20 total is $130/yr.
***Expired Subscriptions dated to start as of previous expiration may be renewed at active renewal rate.

Other Services and products
(per item — to be prepaid)
1.5-Hour Artsystems Software Online Course
First student in course session
Additional student in course session

Advanced Accounting Support Block (3 hours)
Required in advance for support of setting up or maintaining the Artsystems QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Generic Accounting Export Interfaces for Pro or GalleryPro

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 GalleryPro Integration Utility
(Active Software Support Subscription, GalleryPro v2.8.2+, and purchase of an Advanced Accounting Support Block [below] is required. Email Artsystems Sales to order)

Replacement Software Package. Shipping is additional.
CD distribution of Software Update or QuickBooks Pro Utility. Shipping is additional.

Other Services
(per hour, active Software Support subscription required)
Online Private Training/Consultation
(Introductory training free)

Data Conversion
Report Customization
Custom Programming


WebManager Website

Complete data-driven mobile-friendly responsive-design website, integrates with Artsystems Pro or any other Artsystems or competitive database software. Manage website content including posted works, images, and documents via online contact management system. Includes WebManager Training free for the first administrator.

Visit Integrated Web Sites for details. No contract required. First month Support fee due at signing.


$1,995 Setup (limited-time introductory price)
$149/mo. base Maintenance

Site automatically adapts to optimize display on any device. Try it out: go to on your mobile device. Compare with your own site.

  • Home, Gallery, Artists, Exhibitions, News sections
  • Choose additional sections: Press, Private Rooms, Publications, Art Fairs, Search (keyword and database filter), or add your own, each for a reasonable fee
  • Logo insertion, choice of navigation link styles, font styles, colors
  • 'Thumbnail Grid', 'Enlarge', 'Carousel' and 'Print' views of each work, plus works slideshow
  • Artist, Gallery, and Exhibition details and additional sections such as Artist Press, included
  • Free 3-month ProFile mobile app subscription (can be simultaneously populated with same online content management system)

Customization of features and implementation of custom graphic designs submitted via Photoshop files, 'from-scratch' designs, and in collaboration with customer's designer and/or developer are available at areasonable fee. 1% of customization fees for added functionality is added to the base monthly Maintenance fee.


Call for Pricing.

Includes Standard Site above plus custom in-house graphic design. See our Sample Site for an example of our graphic design work.



ProFile iPad/iPhone App

Our elegant and intuitive portable display solution, updatable from any Artsystems software, competing database software, or Excel. Manage content including posted works, images, and documents via online content management system interface. Includes Training free for the first administrator.

No term commitment required. First month Subscription fee due at signing.

Hosting and Support Subscription (required):

$99/mo.* for first device pair (1 paired iPhone and iPad), $79/mo. for each additional device pair up to 3 pairs total, $299/mo. for 4 pairs, and $25/mo. each for 5th and thereafter. No subscription required. Or pay $999 for a year for 1 ($2,999 for 4). Non refundable.

See our ProFile page for further information.

*A fee is applied to lapsed ProFile subscriptions to be restarted. This restart fee is the lesser of three months of fees or the lapsed months' fees.

CloudSync Remote

Please visit the Artsystems Private CloudSync Service page for details.

Artsystems Pro data, images, and documents can be securely shared over the Internet via the Artsystems CloudSync. Artsystems CloudSync customers may store a master copy of their database, images, and Pro documents on our online servers and sync to it from remote computers, either via a local server or an individual laptop or workstation away from the main office. In addition, Artsystems CloudSync customers may work on their database anywhere offline and sync their work with others' changes when returning online.

No term commitment required. Setup fee and first-month Subscription fee due at signing.

Initial Setup Fee:

$299 for first CloudSync-enabled computer or server, $299 for each additional server or 'main peer' (no Pro license required for servers or main peer not utilized as a workstation), $99 for each additional CloudSync-enabled computer. $99 for each additional database after the first. Only one CloudSync connection per Internet connection is recommended. Only remote computers with a direct sync to the master online database require setup and subscription fee. Local Area Network computers sync to remote computers via local server database CloudSync connection and do not require a setup or subscription fee.

Hosting and Support Subscription :

$99/month* for first CloudSync-enabled computer or server, $50/month for each additional CloudSync-enabled computer or server. $25/month for each additional database after the first. No fee for computers connected to database via local or remote server.

*Introductory price confirmed for minimum of 6 months from original order. Please note: larger databases may require an upgrade from our standard 2 GB RAM Cloud server service ($99/mo.) to 4 GB RAM ($149/mo.) or more. Cancel at any time with no obligation. Customer data is removed from Cloud upon cancellation of service. Standard setup fee must be repaid to restart canceled service. Setup fee is applied to any new computer setup, including replacement computers.

All prices subject to change without notice. No refunds or partial refunds on commenced Support or Maintenance Subscriptions, other commenced services, or delivered products. No refunds on any purchase after 30 days of purchase date.